Distributed Ledger Constructed For

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Built To Accept Digital Currencies

Sparkle is much more than a tokenized asset. We are a team of dedicated developers paving the way for local mechanics to take back control of online marketing but also more acceptable to the idea of digital currencies. We have two prime objectives, generate a large community through attractive tokenized rewards and provide shop owners a cost-effective solution for online marketing. Sparkle serves a practical use case for online vouchers that can be redeemed locally for general maintenance.


Permissionless Ecosystem Built On Ethereum

No central entity has the authority to edit the ledger, shut down the network, or change its protocols anyone can develop and add smart contracts within sparkles ecosystem, with no limitation imposed by developers.


Secure & Efficient Peer to Peer Transactions

Scalable technology optimized for everyday peer to peer distribution, finance, shopping, security, and daily loyalty rewards.


Trusted Micro Payment Solution

Preferred payment solution to take control of your digital footprint when purchasing goods or services. Over 15,000 successful transactions processed.

Start Trading With Our Partner Exchanges

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Start trading SPRKL with our trusted partners and learn how sparkle can provide some unique trading opportunities. Our extremely low circulating supply provides the perfect market volatility for everyday traders.

Sparkle Token Details

  • Token Nake: Sparkle
  • Token Symbol: SPRKL
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Script: POL - Proof of Loyalty
  • Max Supply: 70,000,000
  • POL Supply: 35,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 3,000,000
  • Mineable: No
  • Loyalty Rewards: Yes
  • Reward Time Cycle: 24hrs
  • Max Reward Amount: 4500 SPRKL
  • Transaction Time: 5 to 15 Seconds

Learn Why Sparkle Is Growing With Popularity

Fun & Easy To Get Started

Supported wallets with integrated dApp browsers make it easy to start collecting a daily reward from any device.

Loyalty Based Rewards Program

Staking is overrated, Earn SPRKL for being a dedicated token holder. Your loyalty is rewarded daily.

Watch Your Wallet Grow

An exciting way to earn daily rewards, the more sparkle you hold the more sparkle you can earn.

Online Merchant Acceptance

Shop from our online marketplace filled with quality automotive services and find digital coupons from vendors who accept digital currencies.

Locations Across North America

Hundreds of local shops across North America ready to attract new customers and start accepting Sparkle, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Little To No Transaction Fee

Every day more vendors see the advantage of reduced merchant transaction fees by accepting digital currencies in their business.

Find Out Why Sparkle Is A Great Investment Vehicle Read Our Whitepaper

Discover the advantage of investing in a multifaceted currency built for e-commerce, learn why sparkle is building a community based on loyalty and providing the automotive industry an online marketplace at no upfront cost.


Stay Updated With News And Read How Sparkle Is Driving Value To Our Customers

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