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Helping Customers Locate The Right Shop

Vehicles are becoming a major necessity for transportation in thriving communities. Most people take pride in protecting their means of (transportation) or (investment) and making the decision to bring in a car for service is only half the battle. Sparkle understand the difficulties faced when trying to find a local mechanic for the right price as comparing local garages can quickly become a daunting process. Our new marketplace offers the perfect solution for helping customers locate the right shop best suited for their needs.

Benefits of Sparkle Automotive Marketplace

  • Locate quality technicians near you
  • Locate quality automotive services
  • Find promotional deals on local auto service
  • Search through a variety of categories customized for automotive maintenance
  • Review shop profiles and rate your experience
  • Reduced your checkout time by pre-paying with a digital coupon from Sparkle
  • Fast and friendly customer support 24/7

Until now we haven't seen a dedicated marketplace for local mechanics to offer services online. While some popular coupon websites may provide one or two subcategories for automotive services, they tend to fall short in (SEO) search optimization or provide a limited search result while filling the remaining whitespace with unrelated items such as restaurants vouchers or golfing coupons.

Don't settle for just any mechanic, let sparkle help you compare and review local shops before you visit. Improve your daily shopping experience and protect your investment with Sparkles new automotive marketplace.

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