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Alternative ways to watch your wallet grow

Most alternative currencies are built upon the basic framework provided by Bitcoin or Ethereum and are primarily decentralized. Many Popular blockchains follow the standard principles of Bitcoins peer to peer functionality while adopting similar or unique traits of their own. They usually offer an efficient way to carry out transactions and normally provide some form of reward structure for processing transaction or user participation in some form.

While most people may already know protocols such as PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake) Sparkle serves as an alternative vehicle to earn daily rewards. We have no mining process for SPRKL by which nodes solve cryptographic problems to unlock blocks, and do not require users to have their machines or wallets open 24/7.

The more you hold the more your earn

Sparkle scaled reward system is built on loyalty. Our PoL (Proof of Loyalty) solution removes the random process by which users are rewarded with low probability and replaces this with a system based on daily loyalty, in other words (Don't sell your tokens). This alternative solution guarantees a predictable rate of return and annual rewards reaching as high as 80%.

SPRKL Annual Reward System

  1. 10,000 SPRKL or less = 1% Annually
  2. 10,000 SPRKL or more = 5% Annually
  3. 25,000 SPRKL or more = 20% Annually
  4. 100,000 SPRKL or more = 50% Annually
  5. 250,000 SPRKL or more = 80% Annually

Users are no longer forced to wait for the next randomized reward, everyday SPRKL will award each user for their loyalty and approximately every 24hrs, payouts are calculated based on an annual percentage held in his or her wallet. We believe all users should see daily rewards and should continue being rewarded until the max supply is reached at 70,000,000 SPRKL.

In contrast to just holding coins in your wallet or locking them in a smart contract Sparkles tier reward system is the best solution to accurately project annual rewards, No more headaches with mining or staking.

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